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I got a Fitbit

A couple of months ago I got a Fitbit Charge HR. I was keen to get one as I’d recently started doing a couple shifts in a cafe and was keen to know how many steps I was getting in a 3 hr shift (it’s up to 6000 on a busy shift!) and I’ve been doing Ellen Barrett Live workouts since the beginning of the year and wanted to know how many calories I was burning and how much activity it was adding to my day.

What I found out was this…

  • Wow!  I don’t get nearly as many steps as I thought from my morning walks.
  • The cafe shifts can bank me up to 6000 steps, if I walk the 7 minutes (each way) to and from work I add another 1500
  • My workouts add active time but I don’t burn as many calories as I thought. They are almost entirely in “fat burn zone” though.
  • I cannot believe how many steps I get on the weekends when I head it to my main job (Hands On Brisbane), it is wayyyy more active than I thought!

Just after I got it I had an eye infection and was scratching the hell out of my eyes all night.  I’d wake up with itchy, gluey eyes and rub and rub them.  Looking at the sleep log in the app I was able to see just how broken my sleep was and the periods I was awake rubbing my eyes.  I could also see how restlessly I was rubbing them whilst still half asleep.

Other people have mentioned the benefit of the sleep log to show to their doctor where their sleep pattern is at and how much sleep they are getting. I’ve also noted that I don’t need quite as much sleep as I though, or get as much sleep as I thought.

The one HUGE benefit is the extra motivation it gives you to get up and get moving.  You want to beat yourself, you want to get involved in challenges and beat others.  You want to see just how many steps you can get and how much activity you can do.

So what’s the down side?  For me it is the comfort of the device.  At first it was so uncomfortable.  The heart rate monitor is raised at the back and really uncomfortable at first.  Perseverance pays off and within a week you don’t notice but if you then take it off for a while you have a short readjustment phase.  On top of that the fit is not great.  Even though I got the smallest available the part holding all the electronics is large and it doesn’t wrap well around the wrist.  I have noticed that the Charge HR is currently in sell out mode so perhaps a new version is on it’s way that fits better.


I would only recommend a fitbit to those who are already motivated to move and workout.  I don’t think it will magically get you moving but if you do want the added bonus of tracking your activity (and you’re already motivated but want a little extra) then one of these is probably a good investment.


How to Pickle Beetroot

So, for those that don’t know the Beetroot you buy in the supermarket that is in tins and jars is pickled.  You might be reading this and saying “well that’s obvious,” but I’m telling you because a lot of people I told that I was pickling beetroot did not know.

I’d been pickling the odd beetroot here and there  but on a solo trip to the fruit shop my partner decided to buy about 5 kg’s of beets.  We often head to our fruit shop, Rochedale Markets, and come home with large bags of stuff.  We once bought 12kg of lady finger banana’s for $5.  All of our family benefit from that and I ate so many banana’s!

Back to the Beetroot.  So, at first I’m like FML, I don’t feel like pickling that many beetroot and left them sit on the bench for a couple weeks.  Beets have pretty good longevity so they were still looking fine when I eventually did these 5 jars.  There are still about 1/3 of the beetroot left.

Fresh Beetroot
1 tablespoon Salt
2 tablespoons Sugar
750ml Apple Cider Vinegar
300ml water

Specific Tools
Glass Jars, sterilised
Measuring jug

Peel your beetroot and slice.  If you have large beetroots (too big for the jar) quarter them.

Boil your beetroot for about 3-5 minutes. It gets a bit softer with 5 minutes, or 3 minutes for crisper beets.

Fill your jars with the boiled beets.  FYI, the boiled beets stained my hands a horrendous dark brown so wear gloves if you have a job where people might see (and judge) your hands, they look disgusting.

Boil the Salt, Vinegar, Sugar and Water. I like to reserve red liquid that the beets are boiled in (about 100ml) so my vinegar mix is red but this is not necessary.  Also, if you need less liquid just use the same ratio’s for the smaller amounts.

To make it easy for you pour your boiled liquid into a jug and then fill out your beetroot jars. Put the lids on nice and tight.  The buttons on the jars might pop themselves down once the jars cool but if not you can press them down during the process and they’ll stay popped in.

Allow to cool and refrigerate.  If you are a slowpoke to eat things you ma want to put on the date you made it.  They don’t last long enough in my fridge to bother.

Homemade pickled beets really are yummy so if you’ve been thinking about it (and looking for a recipe) just do it! You won’t regret your pickled beets.


We’ve had our vege garden for about a year now.  In that time we’ve had a bumper crop of Cucumbers (there are probably still 12+ jars of pickles in the fridge!), Corn, Radishes, Kohl Rabi, Potatoes, Wasabi Lettuce, Bok Choi, assorted herbs and Rocket.  I’m sure we’ve grown other things but I can’t remember them all!  (Oh, Tomatoes, I forgot Tomatoes.  We had so many tomatoes!)

I’ve loved having Rocket in the garden as I could go out and pick leaves whenever I wanted and Rocket is so yummy in salads and on sandwiches.  About 6 weeks ago it started to grow long stalks and get flower buds.  They are now about 60 cms tall covered in flowers and we’ve also got seed pods forming (yay!)  I’m still picking Rocket to eat but I think this crop is almost done with.

Something I didn’t expect was how much the native bees would love the Rocket flowers! They are swarming over them.  I stood out there yesterday to snap some pictures so my partner could see how many bees there were.  As the sun soon disappeared and so did the bees so I was out at the right time.

We’d love to get a bee hive eventually.  I’ve always loved bugs and would love to have a hive and learn more and see more of them.  If you’re after a hive here’s a great resource, Aussie Bee.


The DeadlySpawn

The below VHS movie has haunted me for decades, first as a child because of those teeth and in recent years because I could picture the cover but didn’t know what the movie was called (I thought it was called teeth!)

As a child this VHS cover always grabbed my attention in the video shop.  I would always look at horror movie covers and the gruesome images on the back even though I wasn’t allowed to borrow them.  The stuff of nightmares for me who used to think ghoulies were in the toilet and gremlins under my bed would grab me.  This particular movie cover really stuck with me.

Two decades later my sister gives me Teeth to watch and it made me think of this movie which I thought was called Teeth, can you see why!?!?  And that sets me thinking about this movie on and off for  several more years,  unable to ever find it until last night after 30 mins searching I use the magic words “horror VHS covers” and there it is!

I never did see The Deadly Spawn, it was probably damaged and removed from the video shop well before my mum would let me borrow horror and I don’t much feel like buying it now  (the DVD doesn’t have the same case).  But maybe one day I will buy it and print out this cover to go around the dvd, so I can continue to be scared…


Brain and Kidney Stamps

I first learned to carve stamps from Kay Watanabe in a workshop at Hands On Brisbane. In that workshop I did a very crappy tree and a little mushroom but despite my initially bloody horrible job I did keep at it and started making my own stamps from my own versions of anatomy.

Below are the Kidney, Brain, Uterus, Intestine and Pelvis.

My favourite is without a doubt the Intestine.  I’ve even printed onto shrink film and shrunk it down for a brooch and collar clips.  I really need to make some of these for myself.


Old is new again

I was looking for something, a hand necklace, to replace one that sold and I found a bunch more brass anatomy.  It was re-found, dug back up, surfaced again, something like that.

So I’m thinking I at least have to add a kidney and a brain into this mix.

These brass pieces were all made 2-5 years ago, nothing too recent and they are done batches of 5-10 at a time.  The process is fairly involved and the etching part is done in a spray etcher, made by my partner.

The only piece of the collection I have kept for myself is the skull.  Maybe next go around I’ll keep a hand and a ribs…

New Anatomy

It’s almost half way through February and I’m still plugging away on replacing anatomy that sold before Christmas as well as recently sold bits and pieces. Lots of hand sewing in front of the TV to keep my eyes all good, even though I recently got glasses.

I’m currently addicted to Pretty Little Liars which my sister loaned me.  I’ll start season 5 next week to see what happens with Alison being back. I read that PLL is like “I Know What You Did Last Summer” meets “Gossip Girl.”  I never watched Gossip Girl but my Mum loves IKWYDLS so have seen that so many times.  Although I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s quite like IKWYDLS it is a very addictive mystery with lots of weird story arcs that leave you going WTF?!

Below-Brass Ribs Necklace, Brain brooch and Lungs Brooch


Best Chicken Burger


Have you ever tried the Kentucky Burger from KFC?  This is a (mostly) home-made burger similar to the Kentucky Burger, but much better.

The roll is one of those squishy pre-packed things.

We made the coleslaw.  It’s cabbage (we use sugarloaf), carrot, red onion, radish, kohl rabi and sometimes snow peas. Coleslaw dressing is usually just the Coles brand one.

Next it’s chicken pieces.  I just get the crumbed Breasts or Tenders from Coles meat dept. I HATE crumbing meat so just buy it pre-crumbed and oven bake.

Then cheese.  Aldi cheese slices. 1 or 2, whatever you like.

Bacon is optional and is on the KFC burger but I find it gets lost in all the rest flavours of this burger.

Also add BBQ sauce.  I like the Beerenberg Smokey Bourbon Sauce but just regular BBQ is also good.

And that’s the best burger!



Get Crafty in Brisbane

Hands On Brisbane are always announcing new workshops, or working on new workshops.  The facilitators are always working with new techniques to be able to bring new workshops to us.  This is part of what makes my job so rewarding, I get to sit in and learn new techniques as well as the students. This means I can help with the workshop next time and learn a new technique to take home and work with.  Most recently I sat in on Simple Journal Making and picked up techniques to make little notebooks, one is shown below.

This week I am putting together the new season and trying to figure out what workshops we want to see next time.  Any ideas?

One of the most interesting workshops for May is this one Bespoke Jewellery Making where we use Milk bottle, stamps and resin to make unique jewellery.

I’m also looking forward to seeing what works the student make in Relief Printmaking.  It is so fun seeing other people create art in 2 hours!


Paper and fabric notebook with a grain weevil stamp cover.

I’ve been wanting to try out some drawn threadwork techniques for a while and finally got around to it this afternoon.

This is my first piece of threadwork and I think my eyes are going to fall out. It’s not very neat but is a little bit charming how it is.


I also tried Hardanger embroidery and Cutwork embroidery .  They need much more practice to get them neat.  What a mess!  I also need a new pair of embroidery scissors which I will grab tomorrow during Easter spotlight and Lincraft sales.