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Gecko Foot

I found this little dead fellow in an odd spot, so wanted to move it somewhere it could be of use to other animals (i.e. the ants could eat it).  I grabbed a few snaps of it’s foot first.  Pretty awesome and amazing little feet!


It reminded me of this photo of a Gecko being devoured by ants on a brick wall.  They took the entire gecko with them.  I watched them devour it’s flesh.  Came out of the house while later and the bones were gone as well.  When I find dead animals I want to keep the bones of I often find that the small ones are very difficult to just give to the ants to clean as the ants will also devour (or maybe take?) the bones.



Although I spend most of my time researching and making Anatomy I also have a casual day job as the Hands On Brisbane Coordinator with Bleeding Heart, part of the Wise Foundation. Hands On Brisbane happens Saturdays at 166 Ann St Brisbane City.

I run a few of the workshops each term and we have just announced our Autumn 2014 season.  My favourite workshop is Terrariums. When I teach a workshop I hope to provide the attendee with enough info, and the confidence to be able to give a craft a go at home and let them know that there is always so much more to learn and they can easily find out lots more with just a little bit of research.

f you’d like to attend one of my workshops, or one of the other Hands On Brisbane Workshops follow the links below.  I’d love to see you there!  Bookings are essential!

Beginners Polymer Clay

Screen Printing



I popped in to the Queensland Museum and this is what I saw.

I had an afternoon appointment near the museum and wanted to use the outing to get some other activity.  I realised I wanted to be drawing some creatures with exoskeletons so decided to pop in to the museum with my camera.  Here is what I saw, plus some blurbs about how some of these critters used to scare me.


A new skull display.  This is really fun and includes some really tiny tiny skulls.


Porcupine.  This is a really interesting skull and makes me think of Pans Labyrinth.


Trapdoor spiders.  I remember my mum pointing out a trapdoor spider hold when we were holidays having a breakdown on the side of the road.  Made me a little concerned to be trapped there.


A longicorn (that is what this guy is) used to terrify me in the stair well at the flats I lived in.  It might have been a different beetle each time but I was so scared of them!


Scarabs, because they are pretty.


Wombat Skeleton, to draw.

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for the Quirky Couple

To be honest I am not really a big fan of Valentine’s Day.  Traditional Valentine’s fare such as little  bears or heart shaped boxes of chocolates don’t really do a whole lot for me.  BUT, if my partner gave me something quirky that he knew I would love, or something practical and useful, or something for one of my collections, I’d be overjoyed.

I hope some lucky partners out there get some beautiful Anatomical Hearts from their Valentine.  I love the symbolism.  It is like saying “this is my actual heart I am giving you.”  Warnings about hurting it implied.

Here are some of my lovely anatomical hearts that might suit your quirky Valentine.

Head to  Your Organ Grinder for more Anatomical Hearts, perfect for your Valentine.