The Huntsman Spider on this Brooch and Earrings is based on one of the spider specimens you can see in the Queensland Museum.  The spider is looking a bit worse off after being in a cabinet for years but provided a suitable starting point for this little guy.

If you are a Queenslander you are probably pretty used to seeing Huntsman Spiders around your house, your yard, the garden shed, etc. They are a pretty common feature in most environments.

I used to be afraid of the hairy little guys until I had a chat with one.  I was desperate for a good nights sleep but when I went in to the bedroom there was a large spider on the wall.  I’d usually get upset and sleep elsewhere but that night no spider was going to ruin my plans for a good sleep.  I told the spider to stay away from me, explained my situation and requested the spider keep to himself, the spider obliged.  Since then I’ve not had any issue with them.  I changed the way I dealt with the spider and how I reacted to it and it ended up in my favour.


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