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The DeadlySpawn

The below VHS movie has haunted me for decades, first as a child because of those teeth and in recent years because I could picture the cover but didn’t know what the movie was called (I thought it was called teeth!)

As a child this VHS cover always grabbed my attention in the video shop.  I would always look at horror movie covers and the gruesome images on the back even though I wasn’t allowed to borrow them.  The stuff of nightmares for me who used to think ghoulies were in the toilet and gremlins under my bed would grab me.  This particular movie cover really stuck with me.

Two decades later my sister gives me Teeth to watch and it made me think of this movie which I thought was called Teeth, can you see why!?!?  And that sets me thinking about this movie on and off for  several more years,  unable to ever find it until last night after 30 mins searching I use the magic words “horror VHS covers” and there it is!

I never did see The Deadly Spawn, it was probably damaged and removed from the video shop well before my mum would let me borrow horror and I don’t much feel like buying it now  (the DVD doesn’t have the same case).  But maybe one day I will buy it and print out this cover to go around the dvd, so I can continue to be scared…