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Miel Burger

My partner and I met for a Miel burger today.  Miel opened last August and we first tried their burgers sometime around then.  Todays burger  was only my second but we had been meaning to eat here again for a while.  Miel is a very busy burger joint! On a Friday it is just crazy and on any other day avoid going there at peak lunch time (the surrounding offices let out for lunch around 12 so arrive before that if you can.)


Notice the blankets there, what a lovely touch!

Burgers are one of my favourite foods and I really love a good burger, it is a meal that cannot be beaten (except by a great pizza). Their standard Beef burger (what we had) is $12 and it is a mighty meal.  The burgers comes with a small order of chips (just enough) and they are probably the best chips I have ever had from a takeaway!  If you love chips make a point to eat these.



The burger is pretty delicious.  The beef pattie is moist and flavourful and the sauce and cheese are in the right amounts. The Broiche bun is an absolutely winner!  You can design your own burger, starting at $10.50 and create the perfect burger, and there is heaps on the menu to choose from.  I’m thinking I might have to pop back for a feast sometime soon.



Brass Anatomy Jewellery is Back!

My partner first came up with the idea for making Brass Anatomy when I was asking about a way to turn my drawings into something.  I am not great at drawing but some of them are okay, they certainly have potential for some sort of use.

As making the brass pieces needs to  be done in bulk we only do it to so often.  We recently did some new ones for Finders Keepers, and the upcoming GoMA market here in Brisbane.

Find the new brass in my shop, here.






Do you grow Nasturtiums?  Do your grow them on purpose? Do you eat them, give them to your birds, or just like the wildlife they bring to the garden?

I first add Nasturtiums to the garden a few years ago after collecting seeds while out walking.  After throwing them in I had to wait another 9 months for their season to come back around (late Autumn/Winter) and we had orange and red ones.  Since then I have collected seeds whenever I can.  To date I have 6 colours, with a couple of varieties (as far as I can tell).  There is the classic orange which has the long vines that go wild.  This one usually grows around the chook pen but didn’t this year.   I’m not sure why, wondering if the weather was too warm for too long?  This year a new orange popped up, a darker orange, a really lovely colour, it is a short little bushy plant.  Another new one, a mix between yellow and orange, in a stripey sort of petal has grown.  And, the one I have been waiting for for years (I grabbed some seeds 2 seasons ago) is the yellow! There is also the dark red and the rusty orange.  This year the apricot coloured one hasn’t grown.

I really love the light scent of the flowers and keep them on my desk.


Choosing Colours

We’ve got a Beginners Fabric Design workshop coming up soon so I wanted to design some fabric and turn it into a cushion cover.  I wanted a very easy design to work with and had a triangle of stamp rubber on my desk so decided to go with that.  As the workshop revolves around stamps and screen printing I also made a triangle screen design.  It is great to be working with something a little different for a change.

Here are the colours I am playing around with.  The blobs are the screen printing ink colours and the triangles are the stamp colours.  What colours go best with what other colours do you think?

What colours go with what colours?

What colours go with what colours?

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