Your Organ Grinder is a handmade Anatomy based label run by me, Simmone Spring.  I create Anatomy from felt, fleece, brass, plastic, fabric and wood. I work from my home studio just outside Brisbane, Australia.

I am passionate about creating anatomical pieces, and love creating anatomy that is accessible and intriguing.  I make bits of everything; from jewellery to specimen jars, to decorations and things to hang on your walls.  I also love working with a range of techniques and materials and learning about new crafts which I get to do a lot of through my work at Hands On Brisbane.


I started to create anatomy in 2008 after a comment from a friend about my real specimens; found dead animals (and their parts) in jars of alcohol.   My first piece of anatomy was eyeballs in a jar.  From there I made a heart, a little ball-like brain and lungs.  I instantly felt a connection to the anatomy I was creating and researching and could not stop making more and more body parts.

I love birds and share my space with a cockatiel who sometimes pops up on my Instagram. I’m also a fan of insects and really want to get some native bee’s.  Hopefully sometime soon.

Copy of Crow

When I am not sitting at my desk making anatomy I like to read and watch Horror movies.



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