Your Organ Grinder is a handmade Anatomy based label run by me, Simmone Spring.  I create Anatomy from felt, fleece, brass, plastic, fabric and wood. I work from my home studio just outside Brisbane, Australia.

I am passionate about creating anatomical pieces, and love creating anatomy that is accessible and intriguing.  I make bits of everything; from jewellery to specimen jars, to decorations and things to hang on your walls.  I also love working with a range of techniques and materials and learning about new crafts which I get to do a lot of through my work at Hands On Brisbane.


I started to create anatomy in 2008 after a comment from a friend about my real specimens; found dead animals (and their parts) in jars of alcohol.   My first piece of anatomy was eyeballs in a jar.  From there I made a heart, a little ball-like brain and lungs.  I instantly felt a connection to the anatomy I was creating and researching and could not stop making more and more body parts.

I love birds and share my space with a cockatiel who sometimes pops up on my Instagram. I’m also a fan of insects and really want to get some native bee’s.  Hopefully sometime soon.

Copy of Crow

When I am not sitting at my desk making anatomy I like to read and watch Horror movies.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Jesse van der Wildt


    Found some of your articles when lookin’ for closedjarinfo.
    Very good info by the way, thank you.
    A question about closing of the jar if possible ….. ?
    Cork is beautiful, it closes well but does it also release a little air/pressure?
    The reason i ask cause i have some nice jars but “average lids” (honey jar, jam jar, ….)
    When using this type of lids do i need to open it once in a while or make a very mini tiny hole in it?
    Read somewhere closed jars exploded 🙂 but maybe there were other reasons like air/soil ratio ……

    Thanks, greetings from Belgium.


    1. yourorgangrinder Post author

      hi Jesse, Sorry for my very slow reply.
      How did you go? If the terrarium is somewhere accessible it might be good to pop the lid maybe once a week. Yes, the natural bacterial and microscopic animals do create gas that will build up. I’m not sure on corks, but if this something you have read then maybe a phone reminder to pop a lid every now and then (weekly/ fortnightly). You could also cover lids with plain or print fabric.
      Thanks, Simmone


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