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Resin Cicada

IMG_0063 IMG_0065

Whenever I work with resin I always end up with a little bit spare so I decided to coat this cicada shell. I slathered it in resin all over and then rolled it over every 15 mins for about 1.5 hours.  After that I hung the guy up on a toothpick and as the resin slowly dripped off I picked it up and kept dripping it on.  After about 2-3 hours the resin was getting very thick so I left the cicada to cure.

I am impressed with how the cicada has turned out as I really had no clue what I was doing.  It is very hard and sturdy.  I think I could do a second coat of resin to get this even sturdier and wear as a necklace, or add a brooch pin.

The resin I used was Castin’ Craft from Over the Rainbow.

A Week of…Flowers

I often have a little jar (a vegemite jar at the moment) of flowers on my desk. Although I have allergies I don’t react to some flowers, such as nasturtiums.


I keep Jasmine in my bathroom as it smells lovely but gives me a terrible headache.  Jasmine is not around for long, though.


This poppy was in a beautiful bunch of flowers at my workplace, The Gardens Club.


This bunch are sitting on my desk now.


Mars Bar Slice

Mars Bar Slice was haunting me, I was seeing it everywhere, there was no way I could avoid it, I had to make it.

How to make Mars Bar Slice

Melt 5 Mars Bars and 2-3 tablespoons of Butter in a saucepan on low heat constantly stirring. Pour into a bowl filled with 2-3 Cups of Rice Bubbles (I used 2.5 cups), mix together. Press into a slice pan, I used some baking paper to press it in as it stuck all over my hands. Cover with 200 grams of melted Milk Chocolate. Next time I will leave out the chocolate on top as I think it is unnecessary.

FYI, I hate Mars Bars but this is delicious!


Photos make me crazy!

There are certain times during the year that taking good pictures just doesn’t work.  I usually find the in between seasons, autumn and spring, to have certain months where images look terrible.  That is happening right now!  I cannot get the colours right and photos often are not good enough to use.  One of the huge frustrations of selling things online is that you need to have good photos and it can start to get so painful when they don’t work out for you for stretches at time.

I use image editing software and although it helps sometimes the photo just won’t get to what I want it to look like.  The Teratoma below just looks awful here, what is that weird colour going on!

Try again another day.


One of the offending photos. The colour is so off.