Duck, Duck, Goose

This morning my partner and I popped down to his local duck pond to throw some left over seed at the geese and ducks.  We take chicken seed down to the ducks.  Never bread, bread can cause a lot of problems in ducks and should not be fed to them.

On arrival we found this new goose.  We assume like most of the pet ducks and geese this guy was dumped at the pond by people who no longer wanted it. Image

We then came across an old friend of a goose who disappeared from the pond for a while, but was returned and has been shunned by the two geese who stayed there they whole time.  This goose was looking terrible and gobbled up most of our seed.Image

While feed the new goose and the old disowned goose we witnessed a LOT of drama from the Wood ducks.  Wood Ducks are lovely looking but quite rambunctious little buggers.  Image

We decided to give all of the left over seed to the old disowned goose and the new goose joined us.  We can only hope these two form a friendship.Image

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