The Vaudevillians

Last night my sister and I saw The Vaudevillians on their Australian tour.   My sister found out about it and was very keen to go and to get the VIP tickets for the meet and greet after.  The Vaudevillians stars Jinkx Monsoon who is the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 5, and Major Scales, who was pretty spectacular in this.

The show was great, I usually enjoy a good quirky bit of theatre. A very good laugh to be had by all.  We had an insane guy in the audience who was just about to die from laughter, I’m sure his tummy muscles are pretty sore today!

The story is The Vaudevillians is that they were frozen in the ice in the 1920’s and have thawed out due to global warming only to find that their non-copy written music has been stolen by others, so they are performing it in their original style.  One of my favourite things about the show was simply hearing the Jinkx Monsoon voice, Jinkx/Jerick has such an interesting voice.  I also enjoy hearing songs I don’t like performed in a different style with different inflections, it can completely change a song and make you see it in a whole new way.

Ok, so here are my photos from the meet and greet 🙂

I made comment that I tend to look like a serial killer in photos (that or a primate, i’m just not photogenic) so Jinkx said “lets do that then.” I think Major Scales is winning…


And a serious one…maybe Jinkx is my new style icon?  Her outfits were amazing and I want ALL OF THEM!


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