I popped in to the Queensland Museum and this is what I saw.

I had an afternoon appointment near the museum and wanted to use the outing to get some other activity.  I realised I wanted to be drawing some creatures with exoskeletons so decided to pop in to the museum with my camera.  Here is what I saw, plus some blurbs about how some of these critters used to scare me.


A new skull display.  This is really fun and includes some really tiny tiny skulls.


Porcupine.  This is a really interesting skull and makes me think of Pans Labyrinth.


Trapdoor spiders.  I remember my mum pointing out a trapdoor spider hold when we were holidays having a breakdown on the side of the road.  Made me a little concerned to be trapped there.


A longicorn (that is what this guy is) used to terrify me in the stair well at the flats I lived in.  It might have been a different beetle each time but I was so scared of them!


Scarabs, because they are pretty.


Wombat Skeleton, to draw.

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