Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for the Quirky Couple

To be honest I am not really a big fan of Valentine’s Day.  Traditional Valentine’s fare such as little  bears or heart shaped boxes of chocolates don’t really do a whole lot for me.  BUT, if my partner gave me something quirky that he knew I would love, or something practical and useful, or something for one of my collections, I’d be overjoyed.

I hope some lucky partners out there get some beautiful Anatomical Hearts from their Valentine.  I love the symbolism.  It is like saying “this is my actual heart I am giving you.”  Warnings about hurting it implied.

Here are some of my lovely anatomical hearts that might suit your quirky Valentine.

Head to  Your Organ Grinder for more Anatomical Hearts, perfect for your Valentine. 


1 thought on “Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for the Quirky Couple

  1. gift

    Stationery, cards and stamps put together in a basket would be another useful gift.
    This is quite practical because you need not spend time and money
    in finding the gift for a loved one. I just did my
    thing and when I wasn’t around, my absence forced him to face his
    true feelings for me.


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