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My desk

I’d be moaning to Andrew, my partner, about wanting a proper upstairs computer for a while.  I had a laptop but when I used it for work it always crashed (every 5 minutes, no kidding) and it was a laptop.  Andrew found me a Brix on Gumtree and we got that going. Cue setting up a monitor, keyboard, and mouse at the dining table.

I knew I wanted a desk that could slide under the couch so I could go full-on couch potato when working in Inkscape and Fusion360. I find working in these programs a little stressful so I wanted to be able to lean back and relax whilst working.

I showed Andrew a few examples of what I was thinking.  We decided on the shape below. To the left is the unpainted desk, to the right the painted finished version.

The top of the desk is varnished Plywood.  The legs that slide under the couch have “castor cups” underneath to slide around the floor on. The body of the desk is 50mm by 25mm RHS (Rectangular Hollow Section Steel) painted with some shitty no undercoat paint, not the best choice as it isn’t great quality but it’s good enough for now.

I’ve already got heaps of couch time use out of the desk as well as been watching iView and weaving tutorials.

And the boy loves it too.





Do you grow Nasturtiums?  Do your grow them on purpose? Do you eat them, give them to your birds, or just like the wildlife they bring to the garden?

I first add Nasturtiums to the garden a few years ago after collecting seeds while out walking.  After throwing them in I had to wait another 9 months for their season to come back around (late Autumn/Winter) and we had orange and red ones.  Since then I have collected seeds whenever I can.  To date I have 6 colours, with a couple of varieties (as far as I can tell).  There is the classic orange which has the long vines that go wild.  This one usually grows around the chook pen but didn’t this year.   I’m not sure why, wondering if the weather was too warm for too long?  This year a new orange popped up, a darker orange, a really lovely colour, it is a short little bushy plant.  Another new one, a mix between yellow and orange, in a stripey sort of petal has grown.  And, the one I have been waiting for for years (I grabbed some seeds 2 seasons ago) is the yellow! There is also the dark red and the rusty orange.  This year the apricot coloured one hasn’t grown.

I really love the light scent of the flowers and keep them on my desk.