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Uterus Mini-Cushion

Last week I finally figured out how to make the Uterus Mini Cushion in a manner that was not slow and ineffective!. I had been having problems with how to sew it in a way that allowed me to stuff it all effectively and after making up a template and being determined for success with the iron I got to work.  I am happy with the end result!


Hands On Brisbane-Workshops

Hands On Brisbane is a workshop program based in Brisbane, Australia that aims to deliver affordable art, craft and design workshops.  We’ve just launched the Spring workshop program, including a few new workshops.

Hands On Brisbane is my “day job,” although I sometimes wonder how you choose which is the main job and which the extra.  Hands On Brisbane brings me better pay than my own business, Your Organ Grinder, but I spend more time on Your Organ Grinder, so which is which?  Well anyways, Hands On is one of the things I do.

This term I am taking 7 workshops, that includes 2 terrarium workshops and 2 screen printing ones, plus a resin workshop, shrinky dinks and polymer clay.  I’ve been teaching Terrariums for ages and probably showed over 150 people how to put together a Terrarium. My favourite workshop is definitely Shrinky Dinks, the participants get so excited about the shrinking plastic and want to make more and more.  Every time every person is thrilled with the results.

If you are in Brisbane and like to learn new skills drop by the website http://handsonbrisbane.com/ and check us out!



Miel Burger

My partner and I met for a Miel burger today.  Miel opened last August and we first tried their burgers sometime around then.  Todays burger  was only my second but we had been meaning to eat here again for a while.  Miel is a very busy burger joint! On a Friday it is just crazy and on any other day avoid going there at peak lunch time (the surrounding offices let out for lunch around 12 so arrive before that if you can.)


Notice the blankets there, what a lovely touch!

Burgers are one of my favourite foods and I really love a good burger, it is a meal that cannot be beaten (except by a great pizza). Their standard Beef burger (what we had) is $12 and it is a mighty meal.  The burgers comes with a small order of chips (just enough) and they are probably the best chips I have ever had from a takeaway!  If you love chips make a point to eat these.



The burger is pretty delicious.  The beef pattie is moist and flavourful and the sauce and cheese are in the right amounts. The Broiche bun is an absolutely winner!  You can design your own burger, starting at $10.50 and create the perfect burger, and there is heaps on the menu to choose from.  I’m thinking I might have to pop back for a feast sometime soon.



Choosing Colours

We’ve got a Beginners Fabric Design workshop coming up soon so I wanted to design some fabric and turn it into a cushion cover.  I wanted a very easy design to work with and had a triangle of stamp rubber on my desk so decided to go with that.  As the workshop revolves around stamps and screen printing I also made a triangle screen design.  It is great to be working with something a little different for a change.

Here are the colours I am playing around with.  The blobs are the screen printing ink colours and the triangles are the stamp colours.  What colours go best with what other colours do you think?

What colours go with what colours?

What colours go with what colours?

For more info on Workshops head to www.handsonbrisbane.com 



Terrarium Workshop for Winter-done and dusted

Some super cute Terrariums were made at our Terrarium workshops this winter for Hands On Brisbane.  More Terrarium workshops planned for Spring and Summer.  Send me a message through my contact page if you are interested in learning to make your own Terrarium.


New Workshops-Hands On Brisbane

Hands On Brisbane launched its Winter 2014 season today.  We are offering lots of new workshops with plenty of old favourites still in the mix.  We’re also bringing back a few that had a break (workshop annual leave??)  For Winter we are moving to The Gardens Club in the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens (up near QUT, gardens point) and I am looking forward to being inspired by the gardens that will surround us.

Book early to avoid disappointment, these workshops sell out fast!

I teach participants how to make a Terrarium, Screen Print with Stencils, share a few pointers for working with Polymer Clay, and show you how to create Shrinky Dinks.  But that is not all, there is a host of other workshop hosts who share their skills and help to broaden yours; from block printing to making paper flowers, sterling silver to mini-books.  There is something for everyone.

visit Hands On Brisbane for a full run down and to book a workshop.



The Vaudevillians

Last night my sister and I saw The Vaudevillians on their Australian tour.   My sister found out about it and was very keen to go and to get the VIP tickets for the meet and greet after.  The Vaudevillians stars Jinkx Monsoon who is the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 5, and Major Scales, who was pretty spectacular in this.

The show was great, I usually enjoy a good quirky bit of theatre. A very good laugh to be had by all.  We had an insane guy in the audience who was just about to die from laughter, I’m sure his tummy muscles are pretty sore today!

The story is The Vaudevillians is that they were frozen in the ice in the 1920’s and have thawed out due to global warming only to find that their non-copy written music has been stolen by others, so they are performing it in their original style.  One of my favourite things about the show was simply hearing the Jinkx Monsoon voice, Jinkx/Jerick has such an interesting voice.  I also enjoy hearing songs I don’t like performed in a different style with different inflections, it can completely change a song and make you see it in a whole new way.

Ok, so here are my photos from the meet and greet 🙂

I made comment that I tend to look like a serial killer in photos (that or a primate, i’m just not photogenic) so Jinkx said “lets do that then.” I think Major Scales is winning…


And a serious one…maybe Jinkx is my new style icon?  Her outfits were amazing and I want ALL OF THEM!



Although I spend most of my time researching and making Anatomy I also have a casual day job as the Hands On Brisbane Coordinator with Bleeding Heart, part of the Wise Foundation. Hands On Brisbane happens Saturdays at 166 Ann St Brisbane City.

I run a few of the workshops each term and we have just announced our Autumn 2014 season.  My favourite workshop is Terrariums. When I teach a workshop I hope to provide the attendee with enough info, and the confidence to be able to give a craft a go at home and let them know that there is always so much more to learn and they can easily find out lots more with just a little bit of research.

f you’d like to attend one of my workshops, or one of the other Hands On Brisbane Workshops follow the links below.  I’d love to see you there!  Bookings are essential!

Beginners Polymer Clay

Screen Printing