Poor Possum

This morning while out for my morning walk I found an injured brush tail possum.  The possum was huddled near the edge of the park so I went over to see what was wrong, hoping to scare it into a tree.  Instead the possum barely paid any attention to me.  After touching it a few times I decided I could probably get her home in my jumper, so I threw the jumper over her and picked her up.  It was testament to how injured she was that she did not try to attack me, possums are quite feisty.

At home I popped her into a cat cage and rang the local vet and walked her down and left her with them.

It looks like this possum was attacked by a dog or cat, so please lock your cats and dogs inside during the night to prevent this.  This little lady was in a very bad way and it was very sad to see her so terribly injured.

She might look incredibly adorable, below, but she was in a very bad way.


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